I’m nervous about going over my finances, how do you work with individuals who might have money fears?

Money management can be quite scary! Between the stock market roller coaster, outstanding debt you owe, and even the daunting task of saving for retirement, it can get quite overwhelming! It’s unfortunate that we aren’t taught these concepts in school.

As you create your financial plan with us, we are sensitive to the fact that many times money has some powerful emotions tied with it. We are careful to progress slowly through our process to ensure that we go at a pace that is right for you. We never judge you for your money habits and never want you to feel embarrassed.

By the time your plan has been created, we hope that you feel more confident about your money, and also learn more about your finances too. We engage you throughout the process and teach you money management success tips. Our goal is to be a positive resource for you throughout your life.