What will my Financial Plan cover?

Your financial plan will be unique to your personal financial situation. Our main concern is to listen to what your financial priorities are and to create a plan to hit them. A financial plan may cover these 6 areas:

  • Current Financial Position – Reviewing your budget, cash flows, net worth, and emergency reserves
  • Protection Planning – Reviewing your insurance policies and other risk management tools
  • Investment Planning – Assessing your investment risk tolerance and designing an asset allocation strategy
  • Retirement Planning – Estimating retirement income and expenses and benchmarking if you are on pace to hit your goals
  • Tax Planning – Projecting taxes into the future and evaluating tax-efficient strategies
  • Estate Planning – Transferring your estate according to your wishes while mitigating applicable taxes

Using our financial planning software we can also model out different scenarios that will help you evaluate the financial implications of a decision you are contemplating. While the planning process is quite comprehensive, we do provide ongoing reviews that will allow us to update the plan as your life changes. Your financial plan will evolve with you over time.